Alwayz Excellent Fade

Alwayz Excellent Fade

Alwayz Excellent Fade
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We offer an excellent fading service that will leave you looking sharp and stylish. Our skilled barbers know the most up-to-date ways to cut hair and only use the best products to make sure you get a clean, precise fade. During this service, your barber will begin by consulting with you to determine the best fade style for your hair type and face shape. Next, they will trim and blend your hair carefully with clippers and scissors to make a smooth transition from longer to shorter lengths.

Our fading hair service also includes a thorough shampoo and condition, as well as a hot towel treatment to moisturize and nourish your scalp. We can finish off the look with a style of your choice, whether it be a sleek side part or a textured, spiky top. With our excellent fading service, you'll leave the salon looking and feeling your best.


  • $35 /Youth (13 & under)
  • $40/Teens
  • $45/Adults

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