ALwayz EXcellent Coloring Service

ALwayz EXcellent Coloring Service

ALwayz EXcellent Coloring Service
Head Coloring Only

Our skilled barbers are trained in the newest ways to color hair, and they only use the best products to make sure the color goes on evenly and looks healthy. During the service, your barber will begin with a consultation to determine the best hair dye for your desired look and if you have a preferred brand. After your kut and basing the scalp, we proceed carefully by applying the color on your head and/or beard, making sure to cover it evenly and blend it well going to the toughest spot first. After processing the dye according to direction. Wash and condition the hair and finish with the razors edge.  

Note: This is also an add-on service. Must be combined with another service. BOOK NOW!

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